Residential Park Homes Specification BS3632:2005

This page will attempt to introduce the BS3632:2005 Residential park homes Specification in an easily understood format. British standard BS3632:2005 supersedes previous publications of this standard, and was developed in coordination with Industry bodies such as British Holiday and Park Homes Association, the Caravan club and National Caravan Council

What exactly does BS3632 cover?

BS 3632:2005 provides detailed technical requirements in particular for the following aspects of park home design, manufacture and siting:

  • Design Requirements
  • Room, Door and Window sizes
  • Fire Safety Considerations & standards
  • Stability
  • Thermal & sound Insulation
  • Materials used for the Construction of Park homes
  • Internal equipment
  • Ventilation
  • The installation of services such as electricity, sanitation, Oil & Gas
  • The provision of a user ‘s handbook
  • Chassis holding