Local Information

Talacre is a beautiful picturesque village located right on the Dee estuary in Flintshire, North Wales. It is most well known as a renowned British seaside resort and particularly for it's park homes.

Talacre has a beautiful sandy beach stretching all the way from the Dee estuary through to Prestatyn beach. The beach is lined by sand dunes and are a rare breeding ground for rare natter-jack toads.

Dogs are more than welcome on the beach and facilities nearby include seaside amusement arcades, cafes and public houses. There is ample parking just a short walk from the beach.

To the east of the village is an RSPB nature reserve. Bird watchers will thoroughly enjoy visiting during the winter months when the thousands of feeding birds are forced by the rising waters onto the marshes close to the shore.

The Talacre dunes are extremely popular with bird watchers and the beach offers the amazing chance to spot migrating Terns, Gannets, Kittiwakes and other wildlife indigenous to the Dee estuary and the Irish Sea.

Close by stands the now defunct Point of Ayr lighthouse. Having been replaced in 1883 with a lightship. There have been countless tales of ghostly apparitions on Talacre beach and the most common ghost sighting is that of the lighthouse keeper.

He wears a coat and cap and stands on the lighthouse gallery walkway. A life-size sculpture has taken up permanent place high on the lighthouse gallery.

All in all Talacre is a place of natural beauty waiting to be explored