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FAQS - Residential Parks

General Questions

Are park homes subject to council tax?

Park homes are subject to council tax and are generally classed in the lowest A band

Can I have guests, friends and family to stay?

Guests, friends and family are welcome to stay at your park home, however, each park will have its own guidelines on allowing visitors onto the site.

What regulations are in place to ensure the appearance and upkeep of homes on the park?

Regulations to ensure the upkeep of homes are specific to each park.

Your written agreement with the park operator will often cover such items as your duty to keep your home in good repair and should be reviewed before entering into the agreement.

Other Questions

How does park home living differ from conventional bricks and mortar property?

Modern park homes are in fact very similar to living in a traditional property with central heating, double glazed windows and pitched roofs. Space is often allowed for patio and garden areas and with facilities for all the modern conveniences such as telephone lines and cable TV.

They are often lifted 1 – 2 ft off the ground to allow access to the underside and surrounded by brick skirting.

The social benefits of park home living are those most readily appreciated by many.

Residential parks are very much communities, offering a secure, safe and peaceful living environment.

Many park owners invest heavily in creating carefully landscaped and well laid-out surroundings for park home residents to enjoy.

What happens when I or my partner get older and need extra help?

Residential park living is very much a community environment which offers a perfect way of life for those approaching their older years.

Many parks are designed with this in mind and specialise in providing additional support as required. This may include help with shopping, transport, emergency contacts on site and in-home pull cords for reassurance that someone is always nearby. Some parks will even have formalised care provisions in place which can provide peace of mind for the home owner and their families.