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Will Brexit Affect Holiday Parks, Homes And Residential Park Homes?

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Brexit – a relatively new term to the British dictionary – has brought fear, speculation and undoubtedly has so many possible implications for the UK and the EU.

Britain’s decision to exit the European Union was for some completely unexpected.  Now, three years on, and with Brexit’s second date drawing close, it appears that we still have a lot to grapple with when trying to understand its complexities.

Naturally homeowners are worried about how Brexit will affect them. Will property prices suddenly drop when we leave the European Union or will it result in a slower moving market, benefiting first time buyers and holiday homeowners?

The current marketplace

Since the 2016 referendum, the market has continued to rise, but at a much slower rate. As of January 2019, statistics show the lowest growth rate in nearly six years – evidence that both sellers and buyers are cautious, waiting to see what Brexit brings.

What can the holiday park, holiday home and residential park owner expect?

Higher incomes, cheaper travel, the introduction of the Euro as a trading currency,  coupled with healthcare and insurance agreements across the EU have resulted in many thousands of us buying holiday homes across Britain, France, Spain and beyond.  Is all this about to change?

The sunny side of Brexit –  the UK Holiday Home Sector

Uncertainty regarding Brexit negotiations, confusion over travel implications and being able to enjoy the same rights and privileges as EU citizens are likely to have a positive impact on the UK holiday home sector.

Why worry about exchange rates, new rules at UK borders, taking pets abroad etc?  Taking a break at a UK holiday park or buying a retirement home within a UK residential park not only continues to be a safe option, avoiding a lot of unnecessary hassle, but is also an attractive financial alternative.

Today’s upmarket lodges, chalets and park homes offer all the luxury and comfort you could ever expect, and are a realistic alternative to traditional bricks and mortar accommodation. Holding their value well, it may surprise you to learn that you could afford a home in an area you’d never have dreamt possible.

The enhanced safety and security of a residential home are added plus points, and with the extra investment available from a buoyant market, the UK holiday park, holiday home and residential park home industry is set to expand.  This means over time there’s likely to be a wider choice of homes for both rental and ownership, as well as improved amenities, activities and on-site entertainment facilities. We think that’s definitely a win : win scenario.

Hill Brothers operate a range of residential parks sited throughout the UK’s most tranquil locations.  So whether you’re looking for a family base, a weekend retreat or a peaceful setting for a retirement home, why not put all the worry and uncertainty of planning around Brexit behind you and opt for a UK based park instead?  Our team are always on hand to give further information and advice, arrange tours or answer any questions.

Contact us today on 01524 831 182 or email  We look forward to hearing from you.