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Debunking the Common Myths of Static Caravan Holidays

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Have you been thinking of purchasing your own static caravan, but you’ve heard a few myths here and there that have made you hesitate when it comes to going through with it? The park industry has evolved an incredible amount since it first became popular and the myths you hear simply aren’t true.

So, the question is, what should you actually believe?

The myth: “Static caravans are for the older generation”

Age is just a number, especially with our holiday homes. There has always been a misconception that static caravans are only for those who have retired, which is far from the truth. Our residential parks are situated in a variety of locations, from the countryside to the North Sea coast, meaning there is plenty of fun to be had for families and people of all ages.

The myth: “You won’t get a good night’s sleep in a static caravan”

It has been said that people have one of their best night’s sleep in a static caravan. The fresh air always helps anyone drift off into a sound sleep and the well-insulated, sound-proofed caravans ensure you’re not woken during the night by any noise from your neighbours or the odd hooting owl. The large king-sized beds are a dream to relax in after spending the day running around with the kids or walking along the beach with your partner.

The myth: “You’ll be reduced to a diet of baked beans and nothing else”

We’re not entirely sure where this came from, but it’s completely fictional. Holiday homes are all fitted with a full hob, oven and a fridge, enabling you to cook as extravagantly as you’d like. If it’s a glorious day you could even have a barbecue, which offers a great opportunity to invite your neighbours, so you can get to know each other. Whatever you decide to cook, there is nothing preventing you from being more adventurous than a tin of baked beans!

The myth: “There isn’t much to do”

Whether you’re looking for a weekend break or planning on buying your own static caravan, there will be countless amenities to keep you entertained all day and night, no matter whether you decide to stay on the park site or venture out into the local area to explore the surroundings. Let the kids run wild on our children’s play area or go for a round of golf at a nearby course. Whatever you decide to do, we can guarantee you won’t be bored. No other holiday can offer the same freedom and sense of adventure as time spent in one of our holiday parks.

The myth: “There’s loads of hidden costs with static caravans”

Easily one of the most common things people worry about when thinking about purchasing a static caravan. In spite of having the opportunity for a lifetime of holidays, the worry of hidden costs can put the idea on hold. As with ordinary homes, you will have to pay for water, gas and electricity, but because static caravans are smaller, the overall cost of bills is a lot less. If the holiday home is to become your main residence, then you will have to pay council tax. However, our park homes sit in the lowest A band, so there are no hidden costs for you to stress about. For more information on this, read our handy guide here.

So, there you have it, myths busted! There will always be misconceptions about what it’s like to holiday in a static caravan but ask someone who frequently visits a holiday park and they’ll tell you how great it can be. If you have any questions though, make sure you contact the park you’re staying at to get the information you need.