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Is Your Holiday Home Ready for Summer?

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Preparing your holiday home for the next season can seem daunting, but with the help of these top tips you’ll be ready for the summer in no time.

It may seem obvious but giving your static caravan a deep clean can do wonders. Spring cleaning isn’t just for the traditional home. Pressure washers are one of the best pieces of equipment we can recommend for cleaning the exterior of your holiday home, but to reduce the risk of damage, avoid using on weaker areas, such as window seals and joints. Don’t be tempted to only clean the visible parts of your caravan either, instead make maintaining your static caravan part of your routine.

Safety First!

The interior of your static caravan must not be forgotten. As well as giving the area a good vacuum, ensure you double check all appliances are still in good working condition. The last thing you want is to be lounging around when the summer reaches its highest temperature only for the fan to suddenly stop working. As well as smaller appliances, make sure your carbon monoxide detector and fire alarm are tested and safe. These checks are even more important if your static caravan has not been in use throughout the colder months because these issues will be easier to resolve the quicker they are noticed.

Switching materials around your home to thinner, more breathable cotton can do wonders for the hot summer months. Replacing bed sheets will immensely help you get a better night’s sleep. For those who get insanely uncomfortable from the heat, one of our favourite tips is to place your sheets into a bag and put that in the fridge for a couple of hours before bed time, so it can cool your body temperature through the night.

Em-Barking on a Journey with Furry Friends?

If you’re travelling with pets to one of our holiday parks, your furry friends need caring for in the summer too! It’s important to remember your pet’s health and how the heat affects them. We know how good it feels to stretch out in the sun, but have you thought of how much hotter it feels when covered in fur? Keep a cooling pad out for your pet to lay on so they don’t overheat, and place cool water nearby in a shaded area to keep them refreshed. Similar to a closed car in the summer sun, remember not to lock in or leave your pets alone in your lodge.


One of the biggest mistakes made when it comes to preparing your static caravan for the upcoming summer season is not giving yourself enough time. Don’t wait until the day before you plan on leaving to start thinking about all of these possible issues. There may be something that requires your immediate attention and leaving it until the last minute can ultimately ruin your holiday. We recommend giving yourself a week to prepare your static caravan so everything can be checked properly, giving you the stress-free break you deserve.