Maintaining Your Static Caravan

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Hill Brothers

Whether you plan to get away for a romantic weekend away or you have organised a full week away with the family, owning a static caravan with Hill Brothers allows you to take that well-earned time away whenever you want. Owning your own holiday home gives you the opportunity to do this as and when you require but it should be noted that to get the best out of your experience with your new home, there will always be basic maintenance work. This work needs to be carried out on a minimum of a yearly basis to ensure your static caravan stays pristine and in mint condition.

Basic Annual Maintenance

One of the most important aspects of maintenance when it comes to your static caravan is the exterior. Cleaning the outside of your caravan with the correct exterior caravan cleaning and weatherproof fluid ensures the area is kept spotless and looks as good as new while also preventing deterioration. There are many options to keep the exterior sparkling, but many static caravan owners favour a jet washer because it is an efficient method that doesn’t require too much time. Adding some wax will into the solution will give your exterior extra protection should there be any harsh weather conditions.

The static caravans we have at Hill Brothers are perfect for keeping residents warm and dry inside during the colder months, but the roof is an ideal place for mosses and lichens to grow and live, which can make your caravan look unkept and unpleasant. As well as the roof being a hospitable habitat for a number of plant and other organisms, leaves and debris from nearby trees could possibly clog you guttering. If water is able to build up in the gutters, it can be forced into the roof seams to create damp patches. On the other hand, should water freeze in the gutters, there is a chance it will lift these seams and produce areas where water will soak into the caravan. To make sure it remains clear to prevent water build up and subsequent damage, regular cleaning is essential.

Many static caravans will be blocked off, meaning that their wheels are not functional but if you would like the option of easily resisting your caravan if there is ever an occasion, regularly checking the bearings and tyres is crucial. Whilst checking the wheels, confirming underneath is clear will give you a peace of mind that things are running smoothly. Cutting out any form of air source, such as bricking or blocking off the openings, can lead to serious cases of damp and mould. The risk of mould isn’t the only risk of blocking off air sources; storing items beneath your static caravan can cause fires.

Gas and electricity can often be a worry when it comes to traditional homes, but with a static caravan it is even more important to make sure things are running smoothly because you will not always be there. Gas pipes can corrode so it is sensible to change these on a regular basis. To see when the current pipes were last changed, there should be a date printed and if it is over 5 years then it is best to replace the pipes. For other appliances such as fridges or a kettle, portable appliance tests can be useful and will give you the best idea of when to change, though a yearly caravan test is recommended to save issues further along the line.

A static caravan is a huge investment and protecting it by completing these checks will help you in the long term. There should be no rushing when it comes to these checks because the closer you look, the more likely you will spot a problem before it becomes a major issue that will cost you more money.