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Our Top Static Caravan Makeover Ideas

Hill Brothers

There’s nothing better than giving your static caravan a fresher feel by adding a splash of paint, a new piece of furniture or even completely refurbishing your space. The question is, where do you start? The thought of where to begin can be unbelievably overwhelming, especially if you’re making a project of it. With the help of these tips, you’ll be renovating in no time!

Start With The Basics

Not everyone has the time or money to entirely change their holiday home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make minor changes. Beginning with a simple declutter of your possessions can do wonders. It’s only natural to accumulate unnecessary clutter through the years and it will only increase if you don’t go through it to get rid of anything you don’t need. Recycle what you can or check if your local charity shops accept anything you don’t want. No matter how much you decide to renovate, decluttering is always the best place to start.

A Dash of Paint Goes a Long Way

Many static caravans look incredibly similar from the outside, but that doesn’t mean the interior of your holiday home can’t stand out from the rest. Whether you’re focusing on the walls or adding accent colours to brighten up the place, using the right tone can make your caravan feel brand new. Before you start, ensure the floor and all pieces of furniture are covered to protect them from any splashes. Pick a good quality paint for the kitchen and bathroom so it will be more durable for the different temperatures those rooms go through. You’ll be surprised at how much difference just one new coat of paint will make.

Top Tip: Lighter colours make smaller spaces appear bigger, which is perfect for static caravan homes!


Maximise Your Outdoor Space

Investing in some new outdoor furniture can often be the key to feeling even more relaxed. During the hot summer months, you’ll be spending most of your days outside soaking up the sun, so why wouldn’t you want to do that as comfortably as you can? If you have a decking area, potted plants are perfect for adding brighter colours to the exterior. For those who aren’t lucky enough to have green fingers, take the time to find good quality artificial plants to place around the decking – it’ll also be the best option for those who suffer with hay fever.

Small Changes Can Make A Big Difference

Replacing small fixtures such as door knobs, faucets and accessories can give your home a modern feel without having to splash the cash. Static caravans can often feel a little too cosy, so simply adding a mirror in the right place can make the space feel a great deal bigger and also bring in extra light to brighten up the area a bit more. Want to just focus on one room? Add a few soft throws to snuggle up with after a day of exploring outside and upgrade the curtains as a final touch to pull everything together. These tiny touches can create a whole new feel to your home away from home.